Jeason Du

Personal Contact Details:


Phone: 08 9226 1660

Qualifications: B. Comm & MPAcy, CA

Experience: Over 15 Years in the accounting industry



Jeason has been in the accounting industry for 15 years and is a qualified Chartered Accountant. Jeason has experience working in the ‘big 4’ of accounting, as well as government and commercial jobs – even working for the police force!

Jeason strives for excellence and has the upmost dedication to his clients and their needs. Jeason is from China, Beijing and can speak fluent Mandarin, a quality some of our clients find to be irreplaceable.

Most of Jeasons spare time is spent looking after (and running after) his two small children, but he also puts enough time away to catch up with friends and extended family. Jeason has been to Japan quite a few times, so, if you need any advice on where to go, be sure to ask him!