Mobile, Home and Internet Usage for Work

3rd May 2018 |

If you are not a casual employee & your employer doesn’t provide you with a work phone nor do they reimburse you for your phone expenses, you may be able to claim a deduction for your work phone & internet usage.

To substantiate your claim, you would need to be able to show that you are required to work from home or make some work-related calls. If your claim is more than $50, you would need to keep records such as diary entries, electronic records and bills must be kept for a four-week representative period for each income year.

Your deduction calculation would depend on your work related usage, if the usage are incidentals, whether your bills usage are itemised or not or if your bill is bundled with your internet plans.

Contact us if you need help or if you’re not sure on how to calculate or apportion your mobile phone, internet & home phone deduction.