Structure and Setup

The structuring options available for a business purchase or setup is quite extensive.

We see many businesses who have had incorrect or no advice. These end up paying more that than they need to and are restricted in many ways.

By seeking to understand your current and future needs, we can suggest a structure or mix of structures to achieve your goals.

Some of the considerations are:

  • Income tax and tax rates
  • Losses and the timing of income
  • Financing and interest deductions
  • Government, Regulatory Authority or Council requirements
  • Human resources laws
  • The number of investors/owners and the needs of family groups
  • Succession planning through a sale or family transfer
  • Shareholder agreements, Buy/Sell agreements
  • The availability of Small Business Concessions including Capital Gains Tax
  • The availability of R & D tax concessions
  • The effect of taxes, imputation and losses
  • Current and future cash flow requirements
  • The admission of new investors and the exit of others
  • Legal liability
  • Personal Property Securities Register
  • Personal guarantees and Directors Liabilities
  • ASIC reporting, lodgment and legal requirements

A key limb of structuring is asset protection. It is an extremely important planning
tool. We work to protect your business and non-business assets.

These may be in the form of and include:

  • Holding assets in separate entities
  • Insurance reviews
  • Addressing legal liability
  • Insurances
  • Operating under the Personal Property Securities Register
  • Reviewing legal obligations and contracts
  • Superannuation