Self-Education Expenses Claim

21st August 2018 |

Did you attend a course that relates to your current work activities? If so, you may be able to claim for expenses incurred.

To be able to make the claim, you have to check the following:

Is the course eligible?

The course you undertake must lead to a formal qualification and must have a sufficient connections to your current work activities as an employee. You can claim self-education expenses on courses that are taken to:

–           maintain or improve your skills & knowledge required in your current work

–           likely to result in an increase in your income from your current work activities

You cannot claim a deduction if the course is only generally related to your current work activities or enables you to obtain new employment.

Once you determine that you can claim the Self-education expenses, you can also claim related expenses such as the purchase of stationery, text books, computer consumable, accommodation and meals (if your course requires you to be away from home overnight) and many other expenses.

Making the right claim is essential when lodging your income tax return so contact us to discuss.