Tax Tip for Office Workers

24th September 2019 |

The due date for lodgement of income tax returns for individuals who do not lodge through a tax agent is the end of October.
If you are an Office Worker and have not yet lodged your tax return consider the below list of possible deductions:

Car expenses – claim either using $0.68 cents per kilometre or via the log book method:
• Travel for office errands, training courses etc
• Travel to client meetings and
• Travel between your office’s branches or between employment locations.

Home office expenses:
• If you do some work from home, you can claim $0.52 cents per hour worked
• Claim depreciation of your home office equipment
• Claim a percentage of your home internet access charges
A diary needs to be kept to substantiate the use and to calculate the percentage of your claim.
Please note your specific circumstances determines the exact expenses which can be claimed.

Clothing expenses:
If you have to wear a uniform that has your company logo affixed to it, then you can claim the cost of purchasing, alterations, repairs and cleaning.
To estimate the cost of laundry, the ATO suggests $1 per wash if the load is made up of your uniforms only solely and if a mixed load, a reasonable amount of $0.50 per wash. Claims can also be made for protective and occupation specific clothing.

Other work related expenses:
• Percentage of mobile phone usage if you are require to make work phone calls using your mobile phone
• Stationery purchases
• Cost of seminars or conferences
• Cost of self education that relate to current employment activities
• Cost of air travel for work purposes
• Cost of technical or professional publications
• Cost of union or professional membership fees
• Sickness and accident insurance premiums
• Donations
• Personal concessional superannuation contributions

Please note that to be able to make a claim, you must have incurred the expense and have not been reimbursed by your employer.
You will also need to be able to substantiate you claims with supporting documents including calculations for private use.
If you have lodged your tax return, keep the above in mind for the next financial year.

Contact CrossCorp if you need help in preparing your tax return or if you require more information.