Tomorrow is not a given. Have you got your personal & business affairs in order?

8th January 2019 |

Start 2019 knowing you have all of your affairs in order.

Do you have Wills and Binding Death Benefit Nominations set up?

If you have, are you sure that everything is up to date?


It is a good idea to periodically review the above as situations and relationships change over time.


Why do you need a Will?

There are many reasons why you would benefit in having a Will.

This includes avoiding a lengthy probate process, deciding who will take care of your minor children, deciding how your estate will be distributed and also minimising estate taxes.


If you have a business, CrossCorp can help you with your Succession Planning.

We ask questions to seek to understand you and your family’s needs and work with legal advisors to ensure the correct use of Wills, Testamentary Trusts, legal contracts and asset structuring.

Considered succession planning minimises family conflict and ensures beneficiaries’ interests are appropriate, protected and ultimately pass according to your wishes.


It is also important to make sure that your Binding Death Benefit Nominations (BDBN) made for your Superannuation holdings are up to date.

Some BDBN need to be to updated every 3 years and others can be in place indefinitely, unless they are changed. Again, as situations change, checks & reviews are necessary to make sure your BDBN reflects your current situation and wishes.

Our Superannuation team can explain how they work, why they are necessary and help you draft them. We make sure that you avoid common errors like having a signed document witnessed by nominated beneficiaries, documents which are not dated and non-dependant parties nominated as beneficiaries.

These simple mistakes can be costly and mean your wishes are not carried out.


Tomorrow is not a given, so make sure that your loved ones will be taken care of in the best way possible.

Contact CrossCorp to help you get started.