Updates on Claiming Home Office Running Expenses

9th April 2019 |

Does your employer require you to perform your work duties at home and this is your principal workplace? Are you an employee who occasionally works from home?

You may be able to claim for items such as the cost of heating and lighting, phone and internet, depreciation for work use assets etc.

If your home is your principal workplace you are able to calculate the actual expenses of the dedicated work area. This is done by first keeping all records of electricity, gas, telephone etc for the year. Then work out the proportion of the above expense that relates to your dedicated work area. This can be by calculating the floor area of your home office over the total floor area of your home times the total expenses. Keep in mind that your home office area needs to be used solely for work. You have to take into account of any personal usage of the home office area and reduce this before making your claim.

If you merely work from home as a matter of convenience, you can use a simple method of a fixed rate of 52 cents per hour. You can either record the exact number of hours worked from home for the year or keep a diary for a four-week period to show your usual pattern of working from home.

If you do work from home start keeping a diary now and contact CrossCorp to discuss how you can claim.